Concord Pragatee Consortium Ltd (CPC) was formed in 1982 with the objective of making a broader base and platform to fill up, as far as possible, the vacuums in the field of sophisticated engineering constructions and to assist the country to forge ahead with it’s ambitious gigantic development program.

From its beginning CPC Limited has, over the years, achieved several accolades for successfully completing a wide range of multi million dollar Projects in the Construction Industry, in particular those related to Highways, Bridges, Buildings and Power Generation.

With an excellent track record spanning more than 28(Twenty Eight) years, CPC which is managed by a group of hands on professional directors with many years of proven experience at home and abroad, to day owns and operates a handsome fleet of construction equipment for civil engineering Jobs. CPC has become one of major contractors since its foundation in 1982 and has strongly positioned itself in the construction industry in Bangladesh with enviable reputation built over the years due to honest, sincere, reliable services and by promoting mutual understanding with the clients and by successfully achieving the goals of the company and clients in the execution of all projects by way of doing high quality work, reducing construction period and minimizing cost.